2020 CMAA Colloquium Scholarships

Jesuit High School, Tampa, Florida

Each year the CMAA receives requests for scholarship assistance, on behalf of musicians, priests, religious, and seminarians. These individuals come from all over the US and from abroad, and they have a huge impact on their own cities, towns, and regions with the help of the training and information they gain at a Sacred Music Colloquium.

Whether these participants come from a foreign country, or from a parish or order with limited means, the scholarships provided by the CMAA Annual Fund are vital to the work of the CMAA in sharing the beauty of Sacred Music with Catholic musicians.

The CMAA depends on donations to provide scholarship assistance. If you are interested in sponsoring attendance for a musician, priest, religious, or seminarian, please write to us at programs@musicasacra.com or use this form, or make an online donation to our Annual Fund. Any amount helps, and gifts received through this Annual Fund appeal are dedicated to be used for scholarships.

In order to assist all who request scholarship assistance, we need to raise US$7000 for the 2020 Colloquium.

Any amount received above that amount will be used toward scholarships for a future year.

Any amount is appreciated!

To contribute now:

CMAA Annual Fund Scholarship Appeal

$200 of $7,000 raised

Join in helping musicians, religious, priests, and seminarians to attend the 2022 Sacred Music Colloquium


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Donation Total: $25

*A special thank-you gift will be offered to those contributing $100 or more. You’ll have your choice of:

The Musical Shape of the Liturgy by William P. Mahrt
With this choice, you’ll receive a copy of Dr. Mahrt’s informative articles on sacred music in the structure of the Mass.

Papal Legislation on Sacred Music 95 AD to 1977 AD by Robert F. Hayburn