The Annual Fund

2016 Colloquium Group Photo, courtesy of Rene Zajner
2016 Colloquium Group Photo, courtesy of Rene Zajner

Since 2014, the generosity of donors to the CMAA Annual Fund has supported the Association’s most important projects, strengthened its financial foundations, and maintained CMAA’s day-to-day service. Contributions to the CMAA Annual Fund support:

Annual Fund Projects

  • Our flagship national event, the SACRED MUSIC COLLOQUIUM, featuring seminars, masterclasses, and practical training in Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION programs including Summer courses and Online courses. The CMAA also supports regional workshops sponsored by local groups with promotion and assistance.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS for students and seminarians to attend our training seminars and the annual Colloquium. We have many requests for scholarship funding every year; providing scholarships to support these requests is very important for the future of the Church in promoting Sacred Music to seminarians and students. In addition, your generous support allows us to offer special pricing for our programs for seminarians and students.
  • Donations to the annual fund make it possible to develop NEW COURSES, such as our advanced chant courses, such as Chant Conducting and Advanced Chant and Semiology, in addition to our new course Vocal Pedagogy Workshop. With your support, the CMAA can explore expanding our programs to other regions and even supporting educational programs in other countries.
  • CMAA PUBLISHING: the production and distribution of a wide array of books useful in promoting sacred music. The CMAA is proud to make available The Parish Book of Chant, Simple Choral Gradual, Simple English Propers, Parish Book of Psalms, and Mystic Modern: The Music, Thought and Legacy of Charles Tournemire, Now I Walk in Beauty,  as well as the sponsoring of other new publications. Our most recent publication, Metodo Completo de Canto Gregoriano (Spanish) is now available.
  • ONLINE PUBLICATION of a comprehensive library of educational materials for choir directors for free use by our members and the general public. These materials include many books on chant, as well as the many CMAA publications on a wide range of topics. The CMAA has also been able to add to the public domain choral library by uploading new engravings that are produced for use at Colloquia.
  • JOURNAL ARCHIVES of the Sacred Music Journal, Caecilia and the Catholic Choirmaster are uploaded and made freely available. Please consider donating to help us scan and upload some of the many recent donations we have received from the University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, MN) Library.
  • COMMISSIONS of new music to broaden the repertoire for organists and choirs. While promoting the use of the vast repertory of music that exists in the public domain for use in liturgies is a key part of our annual programs, it is also crucial to encourage the composition of new music by the talented musicians of today. The CMAA would like to become a source of funding for new music compositions.

The importance of the CMAA Annual Fund will grow each year as we strive to reach ambitious new goals. Please send your tax-deductible contribution to the CMAA Annual Fund today. With your help we will be able to strengthen the organization’s services and enhance our support of the profession in the new millennium.

Donation to the CMAA Annual Fund

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