“Now I Walk in Beauty”

Thanks to the generous supporters who made this project possible! The songbook is beautiful and is finding a place in classes across the country.

Young voices are our future—and you can help make it happen!

Cover art by Els Deckers

Teaching young boys and girls the foundations of singing—its beauty, its method, and its depth of meaning—is critical to the recovery of the sacred in our culture. For almost 100 years the Ward Method of Music Instruction has done just that.

Yet more music is needed for 21st century singers.

Many older materials are out of date or out of print, including Ward Method songbooks. To help meet this need, CMAA is preparing a brand new songbook with 100 songs and exercises for classroom use. You can help make the new Ward Songbook project a reality through your contribution!

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Why the Ward Method matters

Demonstration from CMAA’s 2016 Ward I Course

“That all may sing”: those four words summarize the ideal of the famous American music educator Justine Bayard Ward (1879-1975). If we want all to sing, then we have to start by teaching young children. And if we want all to sing, we need a really good method, which will teach the foundations of good singing to all, not just to a few most talented ones.

That means:

    • connecting the voice with natural principles of movement,**
    • solid training of inner hearing,
    • development of skills in musical reading, writing and improvising.

The Ward Method leads to a singer who enjoys music, who understands music, who knows how to use the voice in a beautiful way, who has a good taste for repertoire of high quality, who knows what it means to praise God by singing.

In her method, Justine Bayard Ward offered the children a mix of Gregorian chant (in which the “ascendental” movement is so strongly incorporated), folk songs and classical melodies.

** In the Ward Method, the so-called “ascendental” movement is considered to be one of the natural principles of movement.

Growing interest and the need for materials

Interest in teaching with Ward’s curriculum is growing, and CMAA has played a role in this, encouraging and training music teachers and choir leaders in the Sacred Music Colloquium and our summer courses. Since 2012, CMAA’s publication of Words with Wings by Wilko Brouwers, a program based on Ward Method principles, has increased enthusiasm for systematic teaching of Gregorian chant to children.

Unfortunately, many older materials are out of date or out of print. The same is true for Ward Method songbooks.

A new Ward songbook

The CMAA has asked Wilko Brouwers to create a new songbook to be used in Ward lessons.

The new songbook will be called Now I Walk in Beauty; and will contain 100 songs, melodies, and exercises for the classroom.

With chant melodies from the Graduale Simplex, beautiful songs for children, folk songs and classical melodies the book will be a real treasury for both the teacher and the young singer.


Why your help can make a difference now:

Contributions to the Songbook Project fund
MADE BY JUNE 1, 2017
will be matched up to $5,000 by another donor.

These funds will be used to compensate the composer, cover the cost of engraving, artwork, and printing and help the CMAA market and distribute the new book. Our goal is to have Now I Walk In Beauty ready for the summer workshops and Colloquium. All donors will be acknowledged in an upcoming issue of Sacred Music and those contributing $100 or more will receive a special thank-you gift*.

No donation is too small or too large.

This is a chance for all of us to demonstrate our commitment.
Thank you for helping secure the future of beautiful church music:
That all may sing!

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Now I Walk in Beauty

Contributions to the Songbook Project Fund
MADE BY JUNE 1, 2017
will be matched up to $5,000 by another generous donor.


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